Authentic Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine


$2.50 Soda

Free Reflls

Draft Beer

$4.50 Unibroue Blonde De Chambly

Crisp acidity of lemongrass followed by sweet honey and notes of pepper, with a sharp, floral finish

Bottled Beer of the Week

$6.00 Kentucky Bourbon Ale

Elegantly smooth and modestly carbonated, a fine sipping ale with the distinctive nose of a well-crafted Kentucky bourbon.

Turkish Bottled Beer

$5.50 Efes Dark

Slightly sweet and has flavors of dark malts with notes of burnt caramel and molasses.

$5.00 Efes Pilsener

Flavors of bready malts along with hints of floral hops, the latter of which also contributes a light to moderate amount of bitterness.


$11.00 Nutty Alexander

Our take on a brandy alexander, made with cream, hazelnut liquor, brandy, orange blossom, and honey, topped with cinnamon and a pistachio rimmed glass.

$9.00 Tim’s Absinthe

Absinthe, Lavender and lime mingle in this gin cocktail

$8.00 Ajda

Chilled Vodka and lavender elixir served up with a splash of champagne

$11.00 Baklava Martini

Gin, Creme De Cacao and Amaretto capture the sweetness of baklava, served up with a cinnamon sugar rim.

$8.00 Damascan Rose

Sage infused gin, rose elixir, and lime juice sparkle in this bubbly cocktail

$9.00 Blue Peach Margarita

Turkish Peach Nectar, blue curacao and Jose Cuervo combine for a powerfully smooth margarita