Authentic Mediterranean & Turkish Cuisine

White Wines

Turkish White Wines

$7/$24 Cankaya by Kavaklidere

One of the favorite white wines of Turkey. Made from Emir, Narince, ans Sultana grapes

$7/$25 Villa Doluca

A balanced blend of Sultaniye and Semillon grapes which yield a fruity and crisp wine with a delicate aroma.

Sparkling Wines

$7/$25 Toffoli Prosecco – Italy

Delicate and dry with fresh aromas of peach and apples, followed by flavors of lychee and lemon citrus.

Red Wines

$7/$25 Rare Red – Ca

A blend of Syrah, Barbara, Zinfandel and Sangiovese. Smooth and full bodied

Turkish Red Wines

$7/$25 Villa Doluca Red

Fruit, smooth, and complex with aromas of red fruits and spices

$7/$25 Yakut by Kavaklidere

One of the favorite red wines of Turkey, is made from Okuzgozu, Bogazkere, Alicante, and Carignan

$12/$44 Villa Doluca Kav

An immaculate blend of robust, tannic Bogazkere grapes from S.E. Anatolia with Okuzgozu grapes from E. Anatolia that have a unique aroma and a fruity character

Spring & Summer Favorites